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About Songbird's Free Music Player

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Play Your Music. Anywhere.

By installing Songbird on your Windows desktop, you can also add Songbird to your iPhone or Android device to play your favorite music wherever you may go.

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Connect With Your Favorite Artists

Found an artist you love? Keep up to date with their new songs, albums and tours with live updates from the artists that you care about.

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Your Personal Media Center

Play your favorite music direct from your laptop or desktop, or take it a step further and use the wireless streaming settings to play right from your stereo.

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Listen. Discover. Enjoy.

Free access to an extensive music catalogue

Your favorite artists in one place. Create playlists, manage your music and videos, browse, share and sync. Songbird does it all from one intuitive, easy to use interface.

  • Stay connected with the artists you love
  • Easily Create and manage playlists in seconds
  • Enjoy your favorite music videos from YouTube
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A Sleek Music Experience.

An intuitive, elegant user interface

Songbird is designed to run seamlessly on Windows, bringing you the ultimate free music experience right to your desktop.

The lightweight, minimalistic design makes finding and listening to the music you enjoy an absolutely breeze. Installation can be completed in a matter of minutes using our blazing fast servers, and simple installation manager.

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